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The Complete Grinding Mill Reline Service

Specialised Reline Services is one of Australia’s leading mill relining companies and has developed a reputation for safety, reliability and service that exceeds market competitors in all areas of grinding mill lining replacement, shutdown planning and consultation.

Our success and reputation is maintained by producing quality work, maintaining a clear company focus by providing safe, reliable and cost effective solutions.

  • Consultation & Planning

    SRS provides optimisation, timing and scheduling for the shutdown critical path activities. We can determine the labour, equipment, and consumables required for the reline.

  • Grinding Mill Lining Removal & Installation

    Our extensive expertise in all mill lining systems including Ball, SAG, Rod & Verti Mill ensures more efficient maintenance and higher mill availability. Our fully trained reline teams use the latest tools and equipment.

  • Mill Backing Rubber Replacement & Repairs

    Backing rubber is essential to protect the mill’s shell from wear by contact with slurry.  SRS is an industry leader in mill backing rubber replacement. We seamlessly coordinate rubber work activities during relines to deliver a complete reline service.

  • Bolt Torqueing

    Correctly tensioned mill bolts work at their optimum efficiency, preventing breakages and loose bolts. SRS has a large range of calibrated torque units for various bolt fastening applications, using Norbar, Torcup, RAD Torque systems ranging from 500Nm to 12000Nm.


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