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Innovative Water Jetting Solutions

At SRS Water Jetting we strive to deliver the highest levels of operational safety, quality and environmental compliance.  Our industrial water jetting service removes unwanted materials from surfaces and structures including tanks, pipes, sewers, drains, floors, marine vessels, manufacturing plant facilities, buildings and other amenities, using an environmentally friendly dust free process.

Our team of High Pressure Water Jetting Operators has extensive industry knowledge and experience with a large of range of specialist equipment. This is backed up by a comprehensive range of high velocity water and cleaning services to meet the specific requirements of any industrial application.

Removal of rubber and urethane linings

Ultra-High pressure water jetting will effectively remove rubber, urethane and adhesive residues from any surface. Leaving the sub surface undamaged, ready for recoating.

Plant and Equipment cleaning before /after shutdowns

High Pressure water jetting is currently used extensively for pre shutdown cleaning along with ongoing cleaning throughout shutdowns. Pre-shutdown cleaning and degreasing of equipment allows Maintenance crews ready, safe access to carry out their tasks efficiently.

Hot Box

Delivers HOT high pressure water for cleaning and degreasing of heavy build-up on equipment and machinery

Tank and vessel cleaning

SRS has engineered solutions to eliminate the need for personnel to enter the tank or vessel however should physical entry be required our staff are trained for the safe entry and work in confined space tank access scenarios.

Pipe and tube cleaning

Suitable for cleaning blocked domestic and commercial pipes, storm water drains, sewer pipes and culverts, high velocity water jetting is a practical, efficient and cost effective solution for a wide range of blockages.

Surface preparation

Steel and concrete often requires preparation before being coated. Ultra-high pressure water jetting is an efficient and safe, dust free, surface preparation method which cleans away unwanted deposits such as rubber, oil, adhesives and epoxy surfaces.

Cold cutting in hazardous environments

High pressure water jetting cutting process is suitable for effectively cutting a range of materials used in industry. It creates no dust, vapour, gas, slag, thermal or mechanical stress that can be associated with conventional cutting methods. It makes it an ideal method in hazardous environments such as the oil and gas facilities.


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