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SRS strives to develop a workplace culture where all safety and environmental incidents are preventable.

Company employees are encouraged to actively intervene to ensure the safety and wellness of each employee and accept personal responsibility for their own safety and that of others.

Our “Safety First” culture requires continuous improvement to achieve zero work-related injuries. Managers are expected to lead by example and are held accountable for safety performance. This creates a workplace culture that recognises the safety of an employee as the highest priority.

Employees are expected to take personal responsibility for their own safety and be involved in setting standards, complying with SRS procedures and following improvement initiatives. To ensure this, support and training is provided, enabling employees to maintain high standards of work place safety.

Hazards are identified and controlled to support the health and well-being of employees. Through continual review and improvement of safety systems and processes, SRS strives to be working above compliance in all areas of workplace health and safety.


SRS has a responsibility to ensure that it minimises the impact that our operations and activities have on the environment. This will enable us to work effectively in a diverse range of environments and social settings and reduce our footprint. SRS recognises the importance of integrating environmental management into company operations.

SRS promotes a company culture of environmental best practice, along with developing defined environmental objectives and targets to measure performance and identify opportunities for improvement. An environmental plan that complies with legislation and client’s requirements will be maintained. SRS will endeavour to identify the environmental risk and impact of the operation, and will organise work activities to minimise impact on the environment.

Environmental risks will be assessed and risk management programs implemented to improve performance and promote the efficient use of materials through recycling and reducing waste. This policy will be communicated regularly to all employees to promote responsible environmental behaviour.


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