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Through continuous improvement, SRS has assembled industry proven and tested tools and equipment to deliver the optimum reline service.

The THUNDERBOLT 250 Pneumatic Recoilless Hammer is the newest addition to our Recoilless Hammer range. Delivering precise and repeatable 250 joule blows, the THUNDERBOLT Hammer is desired by Occupational Health and Safety Managers as much as Mill Relining Crews, for it’s safe and ergonomic operation.

These include:

  • Fully equipped mobile reline trailers
  • Fully equipped mobile sea container workshops
  • Rubber repair trailer and mobile workshop
  • Liner removal tools. LRT 250s, 450s and 1500s from Russel Mining Equipment
  • Portable Kevrek Cranes for moving liners
  • Load rated load trains and mono rails
  • Torque units from Norbar, Torcup, RAD Torque systems ranging from 500Nm to 12000Nm
  • Water jetting pumps with pressure ranges of 500BAR/7200psi – 2800BAR/40,000psiĀ  from NLB, WOMA and Blast One
  • Sand blasting equipment
  • Fully equipped maintenance workshop and warehouse.

If there is equipment that increases safety, productivity and quality, we will source it.

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